Server management services and server monitoring services are inevitable for any platform when hosted online. As a server is managed and monitored properly, it would simply facilitate smooth, easy and hassle free function of any websites and applications. It should also be maintained very frequently for preventing any glitches to come. This practice also gives a website or applications the assurance that the server is secured, all components of the platform is responding smoothly and that quick solutions are received any time. Hence, all the inefficiencies of the server’s performance will be collectively addressed as it is managed and monitored.
Upon implementing server management services, your website will be able to function optimally all its features. A server management service would also include monitoring the website all the time and any upcoming error or causes of the error would be detected prior and solved instantly.

What are the main benefits received upon enabling Server management services?

– A server cannot be manually managed and monitored all the time by the owner. Certain glitches could happen at odd times and the owner and related people would not be aware of it. At this point is when server management services would be able to detect the error and fix in no time. Any glitches or crash alerts will be notified and can be fixed either automatically or manually.
– A server needs to be updated frequently for the website or applications’ smooth functioning. The owner of the organization cannot exclusively pitch in time for monitoring these. At that point, server management team will ensure this update keeps happening whenever required. And that will guarantee smooth and easy functioning of the website and related applications.
– A very important function of the server is to ensure frequent backups happen without fail. In case of any accidental deletion of data, it will be a major chaos to any potential client. Upon enabling server management services, the team will ensure very frequent backups happen so that no data is lost and is preserved for access any time for the potential client.

A very crucial decision to be made is to choose experienced professionals for the purpose of server management and monitor. Assuming an inexperienced management will suffice the need is a big mistake one can do. As it will create more chances of recurring errors making your business invest more on the server management and monitor, and also the chances of losing potential customers are high. Hence, ensure your server is managed and monitored by highly skilled, professional service providers, which is why you can doubtlessly approach us for a fully proper functioning server that is managed and monitored time-to-time.

Our server management & monitor services are:

– Security monitoring
– Regular server updates
– Backup monitoring & audits
– Performance tuning
– Initial system tuning & hardening
– Hardware fault resolution
– Website monitoring & rescue
– Website maintenance
– Infrastructure design & setup
– Small website fixes
– Mail error fixes
– SSL setup & renewals
– Server user management
– Cluster / LB maintenance
– Server/App migrations
– Cloud Server Troubleshooting


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