If you are a on a budget but still want to design a website, then you must opt for the most affordable option of a static website or informative website designing. A static website consists of web pages that are fixed and limited. This could give your customer a unique experience from the rest because it is easy to navigate. There is more to this and Appeonix, we are glad to share its expertise in this respect.

Now, that you have a fair idea about what a static website is, you may want to know, why would you need one? In other words, you would like to know how you benefit from it. The following discussion will clarify everything for you because we have a team of the best offshore web designers that has been developing these websites for a long time.

We ‘re offering our services to offshore & onshore customers. You will be getting a personalized POC for all your queries at the time of development. We are also providing limited period free maintenance and support. 

UI UX to HTML Conversion

Hello, so you already designed UI?UX of your proposed website, and you looking for someone who can convert to a beautful HTML website. Yes, you are at the right place now. We all know that UI UX conversion to HTML responsive may seem like to be a dead idea to many. However, that is not the case because it is still prevalent and many utilize it as a favorable approach. We at Appeonix one of the best onshore & offshore UI UX designers are quiet adept with the process and here is a glimpse of what we can do for you.

UI UX to html conversion is nothing more than a workflow. You designed a document, a PSD or any other image editor and then convert it into a code by using javascript, HTML 5, Jquery and css. This means you can convert it into a website with this mock testing.

  • It does not take a very long time to develop
  • It is way economical than any other of its kind
  • Your audiences can view your site with slower connectivity
  • Not to mention, a static website is easier to index by search engines
  • All our websites are mobile friendly and responsive to almost all the screen sizes.
  • Unique UI / UX experience and visually appealing.

Remote working

Forget, where are we sitting, but we work for you 24/7. We design UI UX for your website, we convert your UI UX to a beautiful website, we create visually appealing designs, mockups what ever you want. We are your complete solution for your offshore & onshore designing needs. 

If you want to know more, then do get in touch with us today!
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